Dressing Like A Celebrity


We all want to look like we just won the red carpet fashion award when we get ready for a night out but it isn’t always as easy as we would like. We don’t all have professional hair stylists giving us dramatic waves or an air pressured makeup pump to give us that flawless look. With practice and patience, though, we can look like we’re ready for our close up.


A lot of celebrity red carpet fashion focuses on silhouettes. By finding the right gown you can look amazing on the red carpet or going to your favorite watering hole. How put together you look depends on how well you can dress your shape. If you are “pair shaped” you will want an A-line dress. These will extenuate your curves without exaggerating them. If you want a dramatic look you may also want to go with a sweetheart neckline. This cut has a vintage feel to it that isn’t afraid to show some skin.

But dressing the part isn’t what is going to do it. If you want to pull off Emmy red carpet fashion, you’re going to start hitting the gym. This doesn’t mean you’re going to have to start drinking eggs everyday or spending 6 hours in the gym but you may want to get your membership at the local YMCA. Being a healthy weight will help you look great but will also boost your confidence no matter what you’re wearing.


The Oscar’s red carpet fashion also dictates that you rarely go alone. While you don’t always need a posse or look like you’re on the list of celebrity couples, you should encourage your beau to dress his best when going out to a nice party or restaurant. Though you guys may not have to avoid paparazzi or screaming fans, you both will definitely appreciate the confidence you’ll both feel when you know you’re dressed for the occasion.


Now that you have a few ideas in your head of how to change your wardrobe and workout routine, you’re well on your way to looking like you should be on the red carpet! But don’t forget to enjoy yourself. Even though you look like a million bucks, you don’t need to shy away from every punk concert for fear of chipping a nail. You also shouldn’t be afraid to wear what you love. Wear your combat boots with a summer dress! Taking risks is what makes fashion great!

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